Since around April this year my little family have talked, planned, dreamed and hoped for the day we could go away in a house bus. Unsurprisingly the last week waiting for our bus to be finished at the mechanics has been very, very long. At first we were optimistic it may be done by the Tuesday. Then we thought Wednesday would be great as it was Waynes first day off work. By Thursday my patience was all gone.

But finally on Friday we got the bus back and after a long boring day for Wayne sitting at the VTNZ testing station we were legal and more than ready to hit the road. Unfortunately with only one night left before Wayne had to be back home for work, but we were definetly not going to let this opportunity pass!

We headed to Mclaren’s falls just outside of Tauranga for our first night away in the bus. Oliver and I arrived in the car slightly ahead of Wayne. We had plenty of parking places to choose from and found one that definetly ticked our two main boxes, flat and with a nice view.


Not a bad view while I cook dinner.

The local ducks and geese who currently had all there babies in tow gave us something interesting to watch while we ate dinner. And after a little stroll down to the water it was time to tuck Oliver into bed.

Mclarens falls park boasts a delightful cafe and an animal park. Both were on the agenda for our saturday. So nice to walk out the bus door and along the walking paths by the water to have breakfast, followed by a stroll around the animal park then back to the bus for a bite to eat, a rest in the shade and a quick tidy up so we were ready to leave when we wanted to. And as I tidied the bus I watched my two boys sitting watching the ducks and talking to each other. These moments are one of my big reasons for doing this, the peaceful togetherness we seem to find when we disconnect a bit and head off into nature is something I want more of for my family.

And just like that our first trip in the bus is done. The more time we spend in her, the more we put our own little stamp on her I can truly see us living and enjoying ourselves in her. Now we are home, planning the next trip away….


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