New Year, Fresh start

I have never been very keen on new years resolutions, for me a change of any kind has to have much deeper motivation than simply another year rolling over. But in the last few years I have come to enjoy that sense of things starting over, of fresh possibility and some years of saying goodbye to a year that was hard and you are glad to see the back of.

This new years day I woke with a very real knowledge that 2018 is going to be a year of huge change for my family. And it also holds the promise of some very exciting times and wonderful memories to be made. So strangely this year the time of year when resolutions are made is a time when I am making plans for change in my life. The massive upheaval we have already experienced with getting rid of so many of our personal belongings and giving up a permanent, fixed address. And the knowledge that so much more lifestyle change is just around the corner is inspiring me to question many areas of my life and see if there’s any way they could be improved.

Of course when you start to think like that there are always things you can do better. So yes, a list of what you could call resolutions has been made this year. Only time will tell if they become like a lot of people’s resolutions and fade quickly or if perhaps our huge shift in circumstances is just the motivation to help me achieve them.

We spent our new years eve with family, the children swam and roasted marshmallows, we shared a bbq and a few drinks and after the younger children went to bed we made the valiant effort to stay up to midnight. Wondering when exactly did we get so old that midnight was a late night? My guess is around the time we had children who like to get up at the crack of dawn! I hope everyone reading had their own version of a great new years eve and that your new years day feels as full of fresh promise as mine, it truly is a great feeling.


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