And the goodbyes start….

When we first discovered we would have to wait until the first of february before anything could start happening with the bus it felt like that was an endless time to wait. In reality the time has gone fairly quickly, helped along by the busyness of xmas and end of year celebrations. But still we have had moments where we felt we simply couldn’t wait another day for things to start happening.

But that time arrived quicker than we ever imagined it could and on the day we dropped our bus off I woke strangely nervous. I have really fallen in love with this bus and it has already become home for the three of us. In a way that I really hadn’t anticipated it would, so the slight unknown of how it’s going to be feel once it’s altered is a bit nerve wracking.

So then we had a whole heap of decisions to make, which fridge to buy, what stove did I prefer. Picking tiles and choosing a vanity for the bathroom. All of this amongst the busy day to day of life, work for Wayne and keeping our energetic four and a half year old busy, active and challenged. So not surprisingly the time is flying by even quicker then ever and suddenly a day we have been dreading a little arrived. The day my parents leave for there summer holiday, a holiday they won’t get back from until after we leave.

I have been incredibly blessed in a lot of ways in my life and my parents and the great relationship I have with them is definetly one of the biggest. The fact that we have managed to live together since October, some of that time all sharing a modestly sized 3 bedroom house is a testament to that I think. We definetly would have found this stage of our journey a lot more difficult without them giving us a place to stay. And that is not even mentioning the complete support they have shown for a idea that some families would find more than a little crazy.

Thankfully we said our goodbyes and waved them off without any tears on Oliver’s part, a minor miracle considering how attatched he is to his Nana in particular and how aware he is of the fact that we won’t be seeing them for a very long time. And though it only took a few hours before he was telling me he missed them and wanted them to come home we are surviving this with lots of cuddles and lots of affirmation that I miss them as well. So the first and perhaps the most difficult goodbye is done and many more are looming in the next few weeks. This will be the hardest part of this whole venture and a hard life lesson for a little boy. But one I hope that will teach him resilience and how to make new friends in new places. And above all one that will teach him that no matter what as long as he has his Dad and I there with him everything else will be just fine.

One thought on “And the goodbyes start….

  1. It was a very hard goodbye for Nana made easier by Oliver handling it so well. These life experiences make us stronger & make our love deeper. Look forward to sharing in the journey.

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