Changes to the bus so far

Thought it was about time I put up some photos of the alterations we have made inside the bus.  But before I start I must point out how hard it is to get decent photos in a small, dark space!!

First some before photo’s.


cofAnother view of bunks and the delightful checkered vinyl of the shower.

mdeThe shower in all it’s glory….this is the bit I am looking forward to changing the absolute most!!!

I forgot to take photo’s of the old squabs and curtains before we changed them, I may have been in a hurry to get the dirty old ones out of my bus…. but the structure of the seats hasn’t changed any just new foam freshly covered in a nice grey fabric. A vast improvement from the black vinyl in my humble opinion.

So some photo’s of it as it is currently.

Delightful old shower that will be removed and space behind it where we have taken out one lot of bunks for our new bathroom.
Oliver’s revamped bunk area, new mattress, curtains on windows and the front of bunk. And play space created on the top bunk with a painted piece of plywood and some new cushions.
Newly covered couches and new curtains

I am yet to get a photo of our bedroom that doesn’t come out extremely dark and hard to see. Where we are parked at my parents we are right next to a tall shelter hedge so one side of the bus is completely shaded. I will attempt this again next time we are away for a few nights and update you then.

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